Stephanie (la_marquise85) wrote in asktheinugumi,

Hello and Welcome!

Hello and welcome to the new Ask the InuGumi LJ community! C-chan and I have asked the InuGumi cast members to answer all of the questions you may have for them. We also have a forum where you can chat with some of the cast members and other InuYasha fans, as well as a letter site where you can email the cast any questions you have.

The rules for this community are simple: Post any questions you may have for the cast members. Either C-chan or myself will contact the cast member to whom the question is directed, and we will post your repsonses in either comment form or a mass entry. The way we answer questions is open to discussion. If you have any better ideas on how the cast members can answer the questions, feel free to comment on this entry.

Have fun! We, the moderators, and the InuGumi cast look forward to answering your questions!

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