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asktheinugumi's Journal

Ask the InuGumi
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This community is all about those burning questions you may have for the cast members of our beloved InuYasha anime series.

It is here you may direct any questions you have directly as specific cast members. They will gladly answer your questions. Except Sesshoumaru... who can be quite grouchy sometimes. But feel free to ask him too.

Post your question in the form of an entry.
If your question is directed at one particular cast member, he or she may simply respond in comment form.
If your question is directed at the entire cast, there will be one mass entry answering the question.
The cast members will be speaking through the maintainers of the site until we can get them all LJ accounts. It remains to be seen as to whether or not they will all get one.

Welcome and enjoy this community!

Please visit our letter site, where you can email the cast members your questions!

Please join our forum where you can chat with the cast members and other InuYasha fans!